Clue App

Clue App


Clue is a female health app that helps you track and discover the unique patterns in your cycle. It reminds you about your period, PMS and fertile window. The app's design is empathetic, positive and not filled with butterflies or euphemisms.

Why I Like It:

I've been using the app for a year or so and as far as a I know, most of my friends do too. It's easy to use and lets you track energy levels, breast tenderness, mood, sexual behavior and of course, your period. Before using an app to track my cycle, I never knew when my period was coming (not a good thing for my expensive underwear), nor did I know that my mood and physical discomfort were directly related to my cycle. Now that I know how my body reacts during the different stages of my cycle, I feel better prepared, which makes me feel confident and sexy. 

After reading a bit more about the company, I was also really happy to discover that Clue invests a lot of money into women's health research and eventually wants to "develop a bank of data that will lead to greater personal, and scientific awareness of women's menstruation cycles." Changes in a woman's reproductive health can indicate that there are other health issues to be concerned about. Clue hopes to identify those connections and break taboos in the process. By giving women knowledge about their bodies, you empower them to make healthy decisions for themselves and their families. 

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