Girls Write Now

Girls Write Now


Girls Write Now is New York’s premier creative writing and mentoring organization for underserved high school girls. Through their workshops, mentoring programs, and community, Girls Write Now helps young women find their voices through the power of writing.

Why I Like It:

As a writer myself, I know the profound impact that writing and storytelling can have. Though I always scribbled my thoughts into a journal it wasn’t until I started publishing my stories on a popular lifestyle blog that I started reaping personal rewards from my writing, like increased self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence. One of the main reasons I started ReproJustice was so that I could inspire other female writers to reap the same benefits from sharing their experiences with the world. And that's exactly what Girls Write Now is doing for underserved girls in NYC. Girls Write Now grow up to be #WomenWhoWrite.

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