The International Rescue Committee

The International Rescue Committee


According to Wikipedia The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is a "global humanitarian aid, relief, and development nongovernmental organization" that was founded in 1933. In order to assist Germans suffering from the policies of the Hitler regime, Albert Einstein (a refugee himself) requested the IRC into existence. Since then, the IRC has offered emergency aid and long-term assistance to millions of refugees displaced by either war, persecution, or natural disaster.

Why I Like It:

For Christmas (or any other gift-giving holiday), the IRC has a "Rescue Gifts" store where you can buy gifts that inspire and help refugees around the world. I was totally stoked when I found out they had a whole page dedicated to gifts that "Empower Women & Girls".  If consumerism really isn't your cup of tea, then you'll definitely appreciate the unique gifts this organization offers up such as a "healthy pregnancy", a "year of school", a "woman's dignity kit", or my personal favorite, "women's small business training". 

You can feel good about donating to this organization because of how efficiently they use their contributions. On Charity Navigator, they were given a score of 100/100 on their accountability and transparency. 

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