Keep A Breast

Keep A Breast


Keep A Breast Foundation empowers young people worldwide with breast health education and support. They do so by focusing on the healing and educational power of art. Make sure to check out their Breast Cast Gallery on their site featuring an array of female busts made of plaster and customized by different artists. The breast casts serve as conversation starters, awareness builders, and fundraising tools. 

Why I Like It:

I love that this organization starts speaking to people about breast health education early on in their lives, face to face, in their own voice, and on their own turf (such as at Vans Warped Tour.) Their shop also has awesome shirts for sale (like this upside down calculator that spells out BOOBIES.) Not only does this organization encourage young women to take control of their own health, but they do so in a way that feels relevant, comfortable, and accessible. They also have an app you can download that reminds you to do a self- breast exam monthly. Yay for shattering taboo-bies! 



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