Dot Fertility App and Period Tracker

Dot Fertility


Dot makes planning or preventing pregnancy easy and accessible - all users need is their period start dates and a smartphone. The Dot app uses a patent-pending technology called Dynamic Optimal Timing (DOT) to accurately identify a woman’s pregnancy risk each day of her cycle by simply tracking her period dates.

Why We Like It:

I first came across Dot when I posted an article by the app’s developer, Leslie Heyer, titled, “Contraception Is The Foundation to Women’s Empowerment”. In researching the company and their technologies, I learned that most fertility and period trackers available were either too complicated, or not intended for pregnancy prevention. I’ve also noticed that most are just too flowery and pink – as though they were designed for a pre-teen! YUCK!

Not only was the app developed by data scientists and reproductive experts, but I really like Dot’s user-friendly design. Dot has three modes that you can choose from: Track My Cycles - Prevent Pregnancy - Plan Pregnancy. Whether you want to track your periods, avoid pregnancy altogether, or start a family, the app has your back. Once my period start date is entered, I can see my daily pregnancy chances as high or low. Some of the features of the app include; a share button (to keep your partner in the loop), a symptom tracker, and a cycle calibration in the range of 20-40 days. And the app is available for both iOS and there is literally no excuse not to download it.