Oeste Dreamcatchers


Though these dreamcatchers are handcrafted in Manhattan by Heather Van Der Zwagg, she draws all her inspiration from the time she spent in the American West. Even if these gorgeous talismans weren't made by a dear friend of mine, I would still find them absolutely breathtaking. 

All pieces are hand-tied with natural materials and completely customizable (see below for choice of materials). Prices vary dependent upon materials and size selected but start around $200. Contact shopoestenyc@gmail.com for all orders and inquiries.

  • Leather ~ White Buckskin ~ Saddle Buckskin ~ Brown Buckskin ~ Black Buckskin
  • Feathers ~ Large Turkey Wing in white or black ~ Large Natural Gray Goose Wing ~ Large Pheasant Tail ~ Medium Guinea Hen Wing ~ Turkey Wing fluff in white or black ~ Guinea Hen fluff
  • Gemstones ~ Turquoise ~ Pyrite ~ Quartz
  • Manzanita branch is typical, but driftwood, cactus rib, or other branches can often be procured upon request.

Why We Like Them:

I first met Heather while I was attending the University of Arizona in Tucson. We bonded immediately when we discovered that we both loved music, attending shows, and tappin' our toes to the beat of whoever was crooning above us. A year or so after, Heather moved further out West to San Francisco and I flew out to see her often (and almost always planned my visits according to which bands were touring.) Now she lives in New York and I always stop in for a few days when Iā€™m en route to or from Berlin.

I am a proud owner of an Oeste dreamcatcher (a present for my last birthday). I love the way it so beautifully blends my soulful Southwestern roots with my current minimalist Berlin vibe. Every time I catch a glimpse of it when I walk by my room, I am reminded of how lucky I am to have such talented friends (and their stunning creations) in my life.