Sileu Menstrual Cup Product Review


When I received an email from Sileu asking me to write a review of their menstrual cup, I thought they might have mistaken me for someone else. Sure I have a nice blog, a gift of gab, and a habit of writing embarrassingly graphic essays about my period, but I was definitely not a menstrual cup fan. In fact, the most well received essay I’d ever written was a breakup letter I’d written to my previous cup after it suddenly went missing…inside of me.

After I did my fair share of stalking of the Sileu brand, I replied to the email, saying that sure I’d love to review their product. I figured that if nothing else I’d have enough material to write a sequel to my first menstrual cup horror story. 

A few days later, the package arrived. I was eager to be a Period Influencer but sadly had to wait another month to try it out (you see, my period had *just* ended.) Still though, I opened the package like a kid on Christmas. In addition to the menstrual cup, the kit contained: a collapsible silicon container which you allegedly toss in the microwave when it’s time to sanitize your cup (a feature lost on me since I don’t own a microwave), a blush pink carrying case with a rose emblem on the top, and a cloth draw string bag to act as another shield of protection between your monthly blood catcher and your pretty pink case. I opted for the “white” cup instead of the pink or red one. One of the reasons for this was that I tend to be a heavy bleeder and so I wanted to make sure I could see what was going on down there. The other reason was that I don’t really like when products are so obviously gendered. What if I want a black cup or a navy blue or a forest green one?

I digress. 

After a few weeks, the brand consultant emailed me asking how it was going. I told him I’d have to wait until the following month because, well, nature. 

Like clockwork, my period arrived the next month but unfortunately I still couldn’t try the Sileu cup out. Why? Because I’d forgotten to pack it in my suitcase before vacation. Damnit!

The brand consultant asked me again how it was going, this time with a hurried tone in his email. He was eager to “close this case,” he wrote. I wrote him back explaining my dilemma and assured him that next month, I’d have his review. I didn’t apologize though, because sorry not sorry.

Before I jump into my review, first I want to explain my bleeding preferences. I am in no advocating for one method or another. I am, however, advocating for exploration of options! To each her own.

My Bleeding Preferences

Normally, I like to free bleed into period underwear. There are a few reasons for this:

  1. Cramping is minimalized.

  2. I have trained myself to eliminate period blood directly into the toilet anyway, so that means I don’t have to change my period underwear that often.

  3. Less waste.

  4. I don’t have to stick anything inside of me or pull anything out of it. My body can just do what she does with minimal invasiveness. 

Still, the period underwear isn’t always the most convenient. Here’s why:

  1. I have to wash them in the sink and then immediately in the washing machine. During my period week, I do laundry nearly every day. 

  2. They start to smell kind of mildewy after a few months of having them.

  3. My guess is that they aren’t that sustainable in the long run (no idea what they are made of but I doubt those layers are compostable.) I also don’t know how ethically they are sourced and manufactured. 

Because I try to be a conscious consumer whenever possible, I’ve desperately wanted to be a “cup” person for a while now. The cup has the least impact on the environment, by far. And so I gave it another chance. 

Moment of Truth

Getting it in wasn’t the easiest. You have to collapse the ring and fold it like a taco so it will fit. Whichever way you fold it initially it will feel like the wrong way. I finally relaxed enough to be able to guide it in, making sure I could still grasp the tail. I gave the tail a slight tug to make sure it was suctioned in. After getting it in I felt a slight pressure in my lower abdomen. I’ve had this with the other cups I’ve tried though, so I wasn’t too worried. I then went to a brunch at my friend’s house and let mother nature do her work. 

After I returned home, I decided to try and take the cup out. Before I did that though, I noticed there was a fresh blood stain in my underwear. Perhaps I didn’t get the cup in the right position.

I fished around for the tail. Luckily I didn’t have a hard time finding it this time. I used the vaginal muscles to push it out kind of like I was giving birth. When I had a firm grip on the tail, it came out with little pomp and circumstance. My cup and hand was half full of blood. I smelled the blood in the cup (because WHY NOT?) and guess what? It didn’t smell like anything. I then dumped the blood into the toilet, but not before taking a picture for no other reason except that bodies are freaky and beautiful and amazing.

Things I Liked About the Sileu Menstrual Cup

I did find the Sileu cup to be more comfortable than the two others I’ve tried before.  I also loved that the cup has notches on the inside that show you how many mL of blood you’re oozing. Cooool!

Things I Didn’t Like About the Sileu Menstrual Cup

I’d have to try it again to make sure it wasn’t actually leaking but I’m pretty sure the reason it leaked before was because of human error. I do like the traveling case although I am not a fan of the gendered, flowery, pink branding they use, it feels….tacky. I also don’t think the microwave sanitizer is necessary although it might come in handy when I am traveling. To be continued!

Moral of the story. Try the cup out and see if it’s right for you. If it’s not, try writing an article about your experience until you become a period influencer like me!