Sonoran Studio


Jewelry handcrafted from repurposed materials such as rugged crystals, recycled bullet casings, and vintage tokens. Shannon Strausser, founder of Sonoran Studio,  is an Arizona native who draws design inspiration from her desert surroundings. 

Why We Like It:

Shannon has a way of turning otherwise discarded materials into wearable art. Her necklaces not only make a fashion statement, but they also make great gifts for anyone in need of some good juju (and let's be real...we all do!) I have a crystal necklace crafted by Shannon and it has become a sort of "talisman" for me.

I love rubbing the rough crystal with my thumb, forefinger and middle finger when I'm listening intently. This subtle ritual helps bring me back to the present moment instead of my usual habit of getting lost in thought and tuning out the people around me.


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