5 Gifts for the Fearless Feminist in Your Life

"I don't want any gifts this year." "Love shouldn't be proven by giving and receiving gifts."

"Consumerism is the bane of my existence"

If any of the sentences about sound like something your wife, mom, sister, or friend as ever said, then you are definitely in the right place. Since showing up to the gift exchange empty-handed is simply out of the question, you'll need to think of something to bring your fearless feminist that won't send her into a relentless rant about the toll that commercial holidays has on the environment. Fear not, we have you covered.

Below are five items that would make a perfect gift for the fearless feminist in your life. Not only are the items below hip and unique, but they also support a non-profit organization, political movement, or cause that we think is important. Enjoy :)

Supriya Box Pack by Sari Bari


Why we love it: Sari Bari makes and sells handmade items that were up-cycled from saris. All the designers over at Sari Bari are women survivors of Kolkata's red light district. Each product is marked with the woman who made it.


Stella Earrings

Stella Earrings by PURPOSE


Why we love it: One-hundred percent of the proceeds collected from this site goes to International Security, a non-profit that provides care for women who are rescued from human trafficking. This item was made by a survivor of modern-day slavery.


Girls Just Want to Have Fun Tote Bag by Feminist Apparel


Why we love it: Each item on the Feminist Apparel site was designed by a member of the Feminist Creatives community. We love any site that gives up and coming feminist designers the opportunity to share their vision with the world (and also get paid for it.)


Private Parts Bath Mat by Anomie


Why we love it: 10% of the profits Anomie makes per month is donated to various charities and causes. The current organization that Anomie is supporting is called The Charlotte Maxwell Clinic, an Oakland based non-profit clinic providing free integrative cancer care and critical support services to underserved women with cancer.


a woman's right to know book

A Woman's Right to Know by Carol Roye, EdD, RN


Why we love it: Women's health has been a political pawn since the beginning of time. The only way to fight back and make a change is to educate yourself and others. Great stocking stuffer!


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