April Repro Roundup

April Repro Roundup

The Bad: Limited Access to Abortion

Women’s health continues to suffer by almost daily efforts to reduce women’s access to abortion.

1. 25 states now restrict abortion coverage for women who have private health plans offered through the Affordable Care Act. In some cases, women and teens will actually have to prove rape or incest with their insurance company in order to receive an abortion. Read more here. 

2. This month Kansas Governor, Sam Brownback (R) signed the most restrictive abortion law to date. The law bans physicians from performing certain types of abortions including dilation and extraction. Read more here.

3. There has been more legislation mandating that doctors provide information about abortion that has no scientific merit.Read more here. 

4. Though not a new topic, the criminalization of pregnancy loss is still a relevant problem deeply rooted in misogyny. I worry that women who have had a miscarriage may be afraid to seek care, for fear of being charged with feticide. Purvi Patel, an Indiana woman was recently found guilty of "feticide" and "felony neglect of a dependent and sentenced to 20 years in prison. Read more here. 

The Good: Contraception Support

1. The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) requires insurers to cover the full range of FDA-approved contraceptive methods without cost sharing. Although this is indeed good news, a recent report shows that insurers do not always comply.Read more here.

2. Most young conservatives support affordable, accessible contraception. I might add, of course they do. Almost all women, regardless of religion, use (or used) contraception during their childbearing years. Read more here. 

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