June Repro Roundup

The Good

  • The Supreme Court decisions handed down this month are simply wonderful! Its decisions on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will protect Americans’ health. Of particular relevance to this News Roundup – the ACA provides for preventive care for women, including Pap Smears, mammograms and contraception, without a co-pay. And, while not directly relevant to women’s health per se, the decision legalizing same sex marriage will improve the well-being of so many individuals and families!
  • Earlier this month, an Oregon House committee voted to advance legislation that would allow women to buy contraception without a prescription from a physician. Read more here.
  • While Americans are showing progress on their social beliefs (like growing acceptance of same gender marriage) they are also showing progress on their perceptions about abortionRead more here or here. 
  • SCOTUS rejects appeal for blocked North Carolina Ultrasound Law. The law would have required physicians to perform ultrasounds and describe the images to women seeking abortions. Read more here. The Bad
    • Women seeking abortions in North Carolina will now have to wait three times as long with the 72-Hour Mandatory Delay Bill that recently passed. Read more here. 
    • Minors seeking abortion in Texas will now face even more restrictions. The Texas government just signed a bill that tightens judicial bypass restrictions. Read more here.
    • State laws restricting access to abortion are accumulating faster than ever and some states are trying to make the procedure impossible. Read more here. 
    • Nearly 5 million women, including 1.5 million Planned Parenthood patients, are about to lose critical preventive health services. If Congress succeeds in eliminating all Title X funding, these women will be cut off from birth control, well-woman visits, cancer screenings, and family planning services. With Planned Parenthood as the only family planning provider in some states, and many of these women living below the poverty line, they will have nowhere to turn. A key Senate subcommittee just voted for these cuts on June 23. Read more here.

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