This One Bad Bitch Named Mayowa


The other night I attended a English comedy night in Berlin. It had been a while since I’d been to such an event so I didn’t know what to expect. I literally had nothing to lose considering the event was taking place a mere 6 minute walk from my house. 

The venue was small and packed to the brim just the way I like it. Just kidding. It was terribly hot and stuffy and the bench I was sitting on had no back so my poor spine jutted out like a hunchback.  

I quickly tensed up when the host of the show closed the door separating the small room from the bar area. What if the show was bad? How the hell would I escape? Why was I sweating?

I managed to calm down after a few sips of beer and redirected my attention to the whole reason I was there, to laugh. 

I honestly don’t remember much of the other comics. I know I chuckled a fair amount, but I can’t really remember any specific jokes. No one really made a lasting impression on me, unless you count this one bad bitch named Mayowa.

Ok, let me be honest real quick.

Whenever there’s a woman who is the only woman doing something, I get nervous. It’s as if I can feel the pressure they’re under. I absorb all the prejudices in the room, in society, on the planet. It’s heavy, it’s a lot. I’m an empath, what the fuck do you expect? It’s not that I wanted her to fail, I’d just seen my fair share of comediennes crash and burn on stage, and thus I was on edge. Not to mention it’s a really important time to be a woman. The world is *finally* paying attention to us which means we can’t fuck up and we can’t show vulnerabilities (which is total bullshit by the way, but it's where my head was at, so we're going with it.)

Come to find out, the last thing Mayowa needed was my sympathy, empathy, or telekinetic praise. If anyone anyone in the room had it under control, it was her. 

She jumped on stage in a ball of fury. Her confidence punched me in the fucking face. She lit up the stage and used her whole body to take up space. If she was nervous to be the only female comedian, I certainly couldn’t tell. 

Pity laughs were not on the menu last night. Oh, no. My full bellied, guttural, horsey neighs were anything but pretend. Her performance was certainly magnetic but even more than that, I went home feeling inspired. I admired her self-confidence. I admired the way she commanded attention. I admired her humility.  

If you ever get the chance to see her perform standup, I highly recommend it. For everyone else, head over to her Facebook page for funny updates.

Photograph by: Sash Seurat Samson

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Nicole Paulus is a Berlin based bozo from the States. When she’s not dancing like a maniac, drinking beers at Tempelhof, or eating shawarma at Maroush, she’s busy running her own digital marketing company Nico New Media. You can read about her adventures on her blog.