Obama Administration Urges Supreme Court to Reconsider TX Abortion Law

On Monday, the Obama administration urged the Supreme Court to reconsider a Texas abortion law that would cause half of the clinics statewide to shut their doors. The administration claims that the closures would actually do more harm for women’s health than good.

If the Republican backed regulations were allowed to come to fruition, clinics across the state would be forced to close for good. The result would be detrimental; thousands of Texas women seeking an abortion would now be forced to travel far and wide to seek medical attention. Not only would they have to arrange transportation, accommodation, and child care but they would also have to miss work, resulting in loss of wages. It has also been proven that when clinics close, there is an increase in self-abortions performed.

The outcome of this ruling will set the precedent of how other states will handle similar regulations.

Within the last year, lawmakers have redshifted their focus on creating regulations that require women’s clinics to have hospital grade-facilities and clinic doctors. This is all under the false pretense that women’s health is at risk otherwise. The truth is, however, that abortions provided in Texas (and throughout the nation) are some of the safest procedures with a minimal amount of complications.

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