Providing Free IUDs to Women May Decrease Abortion Rates

Providing Free IUDs May Reduce Abortion

Nokia, a small town in southern Finland, may only have a population of 33,000, but they have an above-average abortion rate, especially amongst women ranging from 30-39. In order to reduce the termination rate, authorities have introduced a measure that will begin distributing free IUDs (or contraceptive coils) to women in the region starting next fall. Many cities in the area already offer free contraception to young women, but this is the first measure targeted at women of all ages. Vantaa, a borough in Finland, has seen a 20 percent decrease in terminations since offering free long term contraceptives to local women. Nokia hopes to have the same results.

What are contraceptive coils? 

Commonly referred to as IUDs, contraceptive coils come in two different types; copper based and hormonal. IUDs resemble a T-shape and are placed into a woman's uterus by a nurse or doctor. The device prevents the sperm and egg from surviving in the fallopian tubes. IUDs can last between 5-10 years and work in women of all ages, regardless of whether or not the woman has had children. IUDs are 99% effective. Some IUD brand names include ParaGard and Mirena.  

How much will it cost ? 

The city of Nokia claims that performing abortions costs them 20,000 euros (around 25,000 dollars) per year. They estimate that the money they will save from having to pay for terminations will instead be allocated to prevention by providing free long term contraception. They also claim that it will reduce the amount of General Practitioner visits as well as therapy for these women following the procedure. 

Regardless of whether you are prochoice or pro-life, prevention is always the better answer. By providing free long-term contraception to all women, there is no doubt that abortion rates would decrease dramatically. 

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