Supreme Court Will Review Strict Texas Abortion Law

The Supreme Court will have a chance to decide whether or not they think the drastic Texas abortion law interferes with a woman’s constitutional rights. The law, which was filibustered by the previous state senator Wendy Davis, would require the remaining 18 abortion clinics in the state to meet very strict regulations including doorway standards and ventilation systems.

In June, the law was deemed constitutional because the stringent regulations were said to benefit maternal health. Those in favor of the law used the 1992 ruling of the Planned Parenthood v. Casey case to reaffirm their viewpoint. Though Casey believed that no state should place an “undue burden” on a woman who is seeking an abortion, the court determined that making a woman travel 150 miles to have an abortion was not considered an undue burden.

Abortion opponents are remaining optimistic. The Justice of the Supreme Court of the US, Anthony Kennedy, will likely be the swing vote in this case. He has only voted against one abortion law in history (one that proposed to make women obtain consent from their spouse before undergoing an abortion.

The arguments will be heard in the coming months and a decision will be handed down in June of 2016.

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