The Election and Reproductive Rights

The Election and Reproductive Rights

After the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia, senator and 2016 Republican candidate for president, Ted Cruz, released a campaign ad implying that we were just one justice away from losing on many important issues, including abortion. The campaign ad also features an interview of Donald Trump telling the interview that he was pro-choice.

Even though Trump has since gone on record saying that he is indeed pro-life, he seems to keep from speaking about abortion or other women’s health-related issues as he makes his way along the campaign trail.

So what does the next elected president in the USA have to do with women’s reproductive issues? A lot actually.

  1. A Supreme Court with a conservative majority would put Roe vs. Wade at risk.
  2. The federal judiciary (at lower levels) could be reshaped in order to fit desired outcomes.
  3. Federal laws that affect reproductive rights will need enforcing. If, for example, a state is not upholding certain protective laws, a pro-life president may choose to turn a blind eye (unlike Obama did when a few states refused to let Planned Parenthood receive Medicaid.)
  4. The continuation of the Affordable Care Act is at stake. This would leave millions of women uninsured and without access to necessary reproductive health care.
  5. Even if the Affordable Care Act continues to exist, the next administration could remove certain regulations, such as preventing birth control and other contraceptives from being included.
  6. If a pro-choice president is elected, several current restrictions may be loosened, or removed entirely. For example, the Hyde Agreement, which prevents federal programs like Medicaid from paying for abortions, might be repealed.
  7. An anti-choice president would likely try to limit the access of an American woman has to reproductive health care.

When choosing who to vote for this election season, I urge you to do your research on ALL the candidates and find out their specific stance on women’s health issues. Currently, all the Republican candidates running for president are anti-choice. While Trump believes abortion should be allowed in extreme circumstances such as incest or rape, Ted Cruz is opposed entirely.

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