What We Know About the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado

  • Three people were killed: Ke’Arre Stewart, 29, Iraq veteran and father of two, Jennifer Markovsky, 36, a friend who was accompanying her friend to the clinic, and Garrett Swasey, a police man who responded to the 911 call
  • Nine others were injured
  • The shooter was Robert Lewis Dear, a 57-year-old white male and North Carolina native who has a history of being preoccupied with right wing sentiment (including handing out anti-Obama flyers in his neighborhood)
  • Dear used an AK-47 style, high powered rifle. There was nothing in his background (such as a felony conviction or mental issue) preventing him from owning such a weapon.
  • However, Dear has been arrested for domestic violence against his then-wife as well as watching his neighbor through her window.
  • The Justice Department is currently building a “domestic terrorism” case against him
  • Dear’s motive remains unclear although he did mention “no more baby parts” and President Obama after being taken in for questioning.
  • Dear is currently being held without bond and will appear in court today, Monday November 30th.

This is not only a crime against Colorado Springs but also a crime against women seeking services at Planned Parenthood and similar clinics across the nation. Though Dear’s motive is till unclear, it’s obvious that the smear campaign created by right-wing extremists has contributed to the negative sentiments that Dear and other feel towards Planned Parenthood. We will continue to update this case as more information becomes available.

*image by Charlotte Cooper, Flickr

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