Weak Men Fear Strong Women

Women's March Berlin

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending the Women’s March in Berlin, with one of my best friends. Though the energy of the crowd was a bit low-key compared to the other marches around the wold, there were definitely moments that I had to hold back tears. I overheard one woman (who was there with her very "woke" teenage daughter), say that she had marched back in the 70s and couldn’t believe that she had to march again today. Seriously, though.

I am proud to say that hours and days following the march, my newsfeed was (mostly) full of positive experiences from people who either attended a march in their city, or were amazed at the turnout. Though I saw very little opposition to the march (it’s quite hard to argue with those numbers) I do want to address some opposing points that keep coming up.

1. The mixed messaging on the signs.

Was it an anti-Trump movement? A pro-choice movement? An excuse to get a selfie up on IG? Who knows why each woman felt compelled to go to the march, but really, WHO CARES? Everyone has their own agenda, sure, but that’s good. Whatever you wrote on your sign, that’s what made you get out of bed and out into the streets. How dare someone judge why you joined the fight? What matters is that you did. As long as you don't stop there. If you attended the march, you essentially made a public promise to stand up for equality for as long as it takes (hint, it's going to take a while). Everyone has a skill that can be used towards furthering the movement. What is yours?

2. If all these women came out, why didn’t they vote? 

I think that women are finally starting to realize that their (primarily male) government actually doesn’t have their best interest in mind. If the ones who are supposed to protect us, blatantly disregard us, how could we not take note? While I agree that more should have voted, I don’t think it’s that simple. There are so many barriers to vote; some can’t afford to take time off of work, others can't navigate the complicated voter registration process, while some can't wait in long lines at the voting booths, etc. For other nonvoters, perhaps they didn't feel like any of the candidates resonated with them. I think it took Trump’s repeated misogynistic tendencies for females everywhere to finally wake up and say, "HEY! WE ARE TIRED OF THIS SHIT!" 

3. There is no one unified agenda. 

Oh, but there is…. Trump just started a revolution. Like Gloria Steinem recently said, "Trump will radicalize a lot more women than I ever could” And boy did he. 

Women get energy from other women. Just like mama bears will do anything to protect their cubs, women everywhere are feeling threatened and have gone into mama bear protection mode. We are protecting the future of our daughters and granddaughters, the fragility of Mother Earth, and the control over our own bodies. 

But the fight isn't over, ladies. 

This is just the beginning. We showed up, we made a statement. We showed our leaders that we are here, that we will hold them accountable, and that we aren't going away any time soon...but we must do more, so much more. We are nowhere near from done. Now we have to put those chants, that feminine synergy, that sisterhood into practice. We have to unite with other women, support our communities by becoming active in organizations that align with our visions for the future, and we have to keep educating ourselves so that we can educate others.

I know, it feels like a lot, but luckily we have a greater force on our side, urging us along. There is an intense energy, pushing us towards that equilibrium (and the ironic part is that it's emanating from us...the mothers, the daughters, the life givers.)